Thursday, February 27, 2014

2014 Journal52 - Week 8 - Found Poetry

The prompt for week 8 for Journal52 was to do a page with Found Poetry. You were to find some words from a page in a book or any other written work, and make a poem. I chose to do mine with book spine titles.
My poem reads, " Toxic Bachelors, Night's Gift, Sweet Everlasting, Let Me Call You Sweetheart, Morning, Noon and Night.
I stacked the books and took a photo and printed it out on regular printer paper. Then I made a frame for the photo with some black textured paper and rubbed gold metallic acrylic paint on it. Then I marked where the photo would go on my page and collaged some patterned papers around the edges. I added some paint with my fingers and with some bubble wrap on the patterned papers. I then collaged some pictures from a magazine and drew around the collaged papers with a black marker.
I then added the title and drew around that with a white gel pen.
This whole journey of following some prompts with Journal52 is really helping me try new things and making me think outside the box and taking me out of my comfort zone. It's quite fun!
Take care! :D

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