Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!
I did this scene using some clear stamps and two tree stamps from All Night Media. I sponged the colours on the background and coloured in the figures with some markers. It looks darker in real life than this photo shows. It was so much fun to do a Halloween scene!
Trick or treat!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Altered History Book Art Journal- King Birds

This fantasy page was created by first preparing the background with gesso, acrylic paints and texturing layers. Then I drew the birds and flowers on newspaper, cut them out and collaged them onto the prepared background. The sun/moon was stamped with black ink. The flowers and birds were painted and then I drew the stems and leaves and crowns and all other details with a black marker. Some highlights were added with a white gel pen.
Take care and have fun!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Altered History Book Art Journal and Title Page

This is the History textbook that I studied from in Grade 11.  My name and grade form are still on the first page and some notes I made are in the book.  No, it was not my favourite subject and I don't know why I kept the book, but I decided to use it to make an altered art journal. First I removed several pages from each signature in the book because there were almost 500 pages! As I use the book I glue 3-4 pages together to make them stronger for altering with paint or ink or collage or whatever medium I am using.

This is the first page in the altered History book. I painted and stamped and created many layers for the background. Then I stamped my title and wrote some journaling and did some highlighting with a white paint marker.
It is really fun to paint right over the text that I used to study all those years ago! Try to find an old book that you can alter and start playing!
Have a creative day! :D

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Art Journal - Small Red Journal

This is another page in my small red journal. I inked and stamped the background and then added the butterfly ATC (Artist Trading Card) onto the page. I got the ATC at Scrapfest from the Local King Rubber Stamp booth.

For this page I painted some circles over some stencil work in the background. Then I drew some funny faces. This page makes me laugh. Do you know some of these people? Do you ever feel like some of them look? *LOL*

I was showing my friend Linda the technique of colouring on an acrylic block with watercolour crayons, then spritzing it with water, then stamping the colour onto the paper for the background on this page. It looked like water to me when I had finished showing her, so I coloured, cut out and added some of the chararcters from SU's Fishy Friends to make an underwater scene.

Have fun trying different techniques in your art journal.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Art Journal - Small Red Journal

This journal page has many different techniques going on. I just used this page to experiment with things and it slowly evolved. First I sprayed through a stencil with inks on the left page and then turned the stencil over onto the right page to soak up the ink left on the stencil. Another day I painted on some leftover paint over the page. Another day I stamped with the end of a toilet paper roll just for fun. Finally I stamped some images and glittered them up with Stickles glitter glue and stamped some background hearts. Voila! Complete.

This page has many layers of inks and paints and markers. If you click on the image and make it larger, you can see some of the stamps in the background. I just love all the colours of Fall.

Maui Dreams. This page had a background of bright paints, then a layer of gesso to tone it all down, then stamps and markers to colour the images. I've been to Maui once and would love to go back again some day. In the meantime, I'll keep dreaming.
Have a lovely dreamy and creative day! :D

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tree Art Journal - Zentangle Tree

I have been wanting to start a tree art journal for some time now. Last night I chose the journal and started to draw. I had seen a similar style of this tree drawing on flickr so I decided to give it a try, but change it to my version. I stayed up too late last night (big grin) and then finished it this morning. I drew the circles in with different zentangle type patterns and added colour with pencil crayons. I used a sharpie marker to draw the design.
So now my tree journal has begun and this is the first page. I have lots of ideas for different trees and I'm excited to experiment with new techniques and interesting tree creations.
Have a happy and creative day! :D

Monday, October 10, 2011

Zentangle Inspired Art - Sun

I used a sun stamp for the sun face and then extended the rays out with a marker. Then I drew the zentangle patterns in each section of the sun's rays. The yellow colour was added last.
I hope you all have a sunny day!
Have you tried some relaxing doodling yet? It's fun!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Art Journal - More pages from small red journal

I sprayed ink through a stencil for the first page in this book and then turned to a new page and stamped down the stencil which had lots of ink on it onto this page. So I had the negative of the stencil to work with. Then I used other rubber stamps, inks and markers to create this page.

For this page I sprayed ink through some lace to create the background. Then I did some stamping and sponging and drawing of the border to complete the page.

Working in an art journal gives you the freedom to experiment and I love to try new techniques. I took a paper napkin and mod podged the front and back of it to this page. Then I drew a freehand border with a black marker pen and then sponged acrylic paint through an onion bag for the green border. Lots of fun!
I hope you try some new experiments in your art work today.
Happy creating! :D