Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Altered History Book Art Journal and Title Page

This is the History textbook that I studied from in Grade 11.  My name and grade form are still on the first page and some notes I made are in the book.  No, it was not my favourite subject and I don't know why I kept the book, but I decided to use it to make an altered art journal. First I removed several pages from each signature in the book because there were almost 500 pages! As I use the book I glue 3-4 pages together to make them stronger for altering with paint or ink or collage or whatever medium I am using.

This is the first page in the altered History book. I painted and stamped and created many layers for the background. Then I stamped my title and wrote some journaling and did some highlighting with a white paint marker.
It is really fun to paint right over the text that I used to study all those years ago! Try to find an old book that you can alter and start playing!
Have a creative day! :D

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Anna-Karin said...

Such a great idea to use one of your old text books (I have lots of those too). The first page is lovely. Wonderful depth and textures.