Wednesday, April 30, 2014

2014 Journal52 - Week 16 - Recycled Art

The prompt for week 16 in Journal52 was Recycled Art. I recycled many things on this two page spread. The journal itself is a recycled magazine from the University of Waterloo.
I covered the page with some pieces of cardstock that my friend Linda had used to punch out oval shapes and was going to throw away. I glued them all over the page and then painted over it with gesso and then some acrylic paints. The girl was one of my quick drawings on an old calendar that I call my calendar girls.  I cut her out and glued her onto this page. The kite was made from the patterned paper on the inside of an envelope. I drew and cut out some flowers from a paper that I used behind some ink spraying that I had done. The bottom of the page and doily designs were from a napkin. The birds and butterflies were stamped on a piece of a gelli print.
 It's fun to use up things that you have saved from other projects.
What have you recycled lately for your art?
I'd be pleased to hear from you! :D

2014 Journal52 - Week 15 - Party Animals

This page, for the prompt "Party Animals", was done with my grade two class to demonstrate the crayon resist technique. The scene was drawn with crayons and then tempera paint was applied over the crayon and the crayon resisted the paint. I call this "Party on the Pond".
This was a simple and fun page. :D

Friday, April 25, 2014

2014 Journal52 - Week 14 - Rain or Shine

I stenciled gesso onto the background of this page and then added paint, stamping and splatters. I drew and painted two watercolour paintings for the rain and sun theme. I glued them to the background and added the writing. If you click the above picture, it will enlarge so that you can see the detail in the background.
Enjoy your day no matter what the weather! :D

2014 Journal52 - Week 13 - How Does Your Garden Grow?

I started this page by covering it with Tim Holtz patterned tissue paper. I put a light coating of gesso on it and then stenciled the background with paint using the brick stencil. I did not cover the entire background. I did some stamping using different colours on parts of the background as well. I stamped some flowers onto some of my gelli prints and cut them out. I drew some leaves on a green gelli print and cut them out. I glued the flowers and leaves to the background and did some doodling with white and coloured markers. Then I stamped the sentiment.
I wish my camera would take pictures that show the true colours of my pages. The photos always look washed out.
Have a great day! :D

2014 Journal52 - Week 12 - A Day in the Life of Me

The background for this page was inspired by Julie Balzer. The top and bottom of the page were masked off, and then paint, sprays and stenciling were used to do the design on that area. Then I removed the masks and watercoloured the rest of the page. I then drew in the circles and did lots of doodling and wrote in the activities for a typical day for me. I used black markers for this part.
I don't get all of that done everyday, but I try! :D