Friday, March 21, 2014

2014 Journal52 - Week 11 - Stars

For week 11 of the Journal52 prompts, we were to do a page based on stars and the night sky. The background is done with acrylic paints and a stencil of stars. I gessoed the page and then applied the paint and put the stencil down and wiped away some of the blue, green and red paint to show the stars in the background. I then did lots of white splatters with watered down white paint on a paint brush. I hit the brush and let the paint splatter over the background. Then I did some splatters in gold paint.
The stars were drawn on shiny white paper and and then painted over with sparkle glaze and cut out.
The fairy was stenciled onto white paper with acrylic paints and then also covered over with sparkle glaze and cut out. I wrote the sentiment, cut the words out and applied them to the page. Then I highlighted the stars, fairy and words with a fine point black marker and some shadow marker.
Wouldn't you like to dance among the stars? I would.
Have a great day! :D

Saturday, March 15, 2014

2014 Journal52 - Week 10 - Art for a Cause

The prompt for week 10 of Journal52 was Art for a Cause. I chose to use a journal page that I had created a couple of years ago in my Healthy Living Art Journal. I am reading a book called "Clean Cuisine" by Ivy and Andrew Larson and it inspired me to choose "encouraging clean eating to feel better" as my cause.
This page was first painted and stamped and then I did some collage of patterned paper for a boarder and pictures of healthy fruits and vegetables. I wrote the title with marker.
Cheers to all of you as I drink my clean, green smoothie! :D

Thursday, March 6, 2014

2014 Journal52 - Week 9 - Colour Swatch Inspiration

For the week 9 prompt for Journal52 we were to take our inspiration from some colours that we like and use them for our art journal page. I decided to draw some flowers with a pencil and chose a few colours of my Twinkling H2O paints to paint them in. Then I doodled around the flowers and leaves with a fine black marker and a white gel pan and also drew the frame. I splattered some paint onto the painting for interest.
The next picture shows some of the details.

You can click on any of the photos to enlarge them.

I did a second painting for the same prompt. 
For this one I used watercolour paper and painted with the wet-on-wet technique. First I wet the paper with clear water, then painted the flowers and leaves. I did not draw them first. I outlined my flowers and leaves with black paint with a liner brush. Then I splattered black paint on the page and drew a frame with a marker.
I couldn't decide which one to post to the Journal52 group so I posted both! I thoroughly enjoyed painting these. I can't wait to get rid of the snow and see Spring again!!!
Take care! :D