Monday, February 13, 2012

Manila Sketch Journal - Zentangle Scene with Tree

This is the first page in a 4" x 5.5" journal that my friend Pat Anderson gave to me. The pages are the colour of manila file folders. I want to use this journal to do Zentangle inspired art and sketching.
This scene is my version of a sketch I found in the book "Time to Tangle with Colors" by Marie Browning and published by Design Originals. In the book Marie coloured her scene in with markers but I used coloured pencils. I used three different methods to blend my pencil colours: 1. odorless mineral spirits and a paper blending stump 2. a blending pencil for the sky 3. different shades of pencil crayons to blend the colours together.
I used different tangles to fill in the areas in most places in my scene than Marie used in hers. I really like the way Marie draws her trees and I had fun doing that.
Happy tangling! :D

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Artygirl said...

I really like this drawing. I have seen lots of zentangles and thought it wasn't for me until I saw the way you put it into a landscape and it makes sense for me. I am inspired to give it a go now.