Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Altered History Book Art Journal - Explore the World

This is a two page spread that I did in my old Grade 11 History Book. After my friend Debbie D. had seen my art journals, she collected some interesting images that she had saved and gave them to me. I wanted to use some of them, so I chose a few of her images and started to play. The background is painted and stamped and stencilled in several layers.
I wanted to convey the message that we should all take more time to notice all the wonderful things in this world from the simplest to the extravagant. I loved the little troll face with the big eyes so I chose that for the saying "Open your eyes". Then I chose the open window to "Look out". On the opposite page I chose images of wonderful things to see when we "Explore the world around us".
Then I did some shadowing around the sentiments and images with pencil.
My thanks to Debbie for the images for this page. Let's all take the time to notice and enjoy this big, beautiful world around us. :D

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