Saturday, March 24, 2012

Big Art Journal - Enjoy Who You Are

I made this two page spread in my big art journal. Each page measures 8.5"x11". I did the wax paper technique that I saw on GinaK's Stamp TV video for the background. I had done this technique on glossy cardstock before, but never on matte cardstock, so I wanted to try it out. For this you take a piece of wax paper and crumple it up real tight and then spread it back out and smoothe it down. You then place the wax paper between two pages and iron it on the top of the matte paper. The wax transfers onto the pages in awesome patterns. Then you take ink pads in the colours that you want and rub them all over the pages. When you do this step, the wax patterns appear.
I then stamped some background images, added the text and hearts and some stickers, acrylic paint and more ink for distressing. I stamped some edge stamps that I had made with acrylic paint on some parts of the borders.
I saw the text on a post on Facebook. I liked what it said so I printed it and added it to this journal page.

Here are the two pages in more of a close-up. You can click on them to see them even more close-up to see the great texture that the wax paper made in the background. The colours are more vibrant irl, but my camera doesn't seem to pick that up too well.

Have a go at the wax paper technique. It's really fun to see the patterns emerge like magic!
Take care and have a creative day! :D

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