Friday, March 16, 2012

Art Journal - Vintage Memories

This is a two page spread I did about lots of old fashioned memorabilia. I did several layers of painting and stamping and collage on the background.  I also did lots of doodling and shading and distressing on the page and on some of the images.
I was following a tutorial by Pam Carriker on how to do a journal page in her style. It was called "Visual Journalism 101 Tutorial" on You Tube. I'm not sure yet what my style is, so it's fun to try techniques that other artists use.
Enjoy your day and maybe try a new technique or style today. Above all else......have fun with your art!  :D


pcarrikersart said...

Nicely done! So glad you liked the little tutorial:-) Keep at it, journaling is a wonderful way to track your artistic growth and to experiment with different techniques and it's so much fun too.

Trish said...

Thanks so much Pam! :D