Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Zentangle inspired art Book Cover

My friend Linda and I went to a Zentangle class at the Mixed Minded Event in Kitchener put on by the Art House Studio. At the class we sewed together a book cover and then we had to make a Zentangle design on it.  The top picture shows the book cover that I made with the book closed and the picture below it shows the book cover open.
The tangle was drawn with a micron pen and shaded with a pencil.
Here are some quotes from a book I have by Suzanne McNeill called Zentangle 4. "Zentangle is a relaxing and rewarding artform for all ages. Zentangle helps calm the mind. It helps reduce stress and improves focus. This relaxing process turns drawing simple patterns into artistic design."
It is a lot of fun to try all the different tangle patterns. Give it a try!
Happy creating!

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bhil3 said...

You have such a creative mind, sometimes it still amazes me.