Wednesday, November 26, 2014

2014 Journal52 - Week 34 - Alphabetical

The prompt for week 34 for Journal52 was Alphabetical. I started out adhering a river of thick letters to my page and covered the whole page with gesso. It didn't look like a river to me so I decided to make the Alphabet Fairy! I drew the head and neck on another piece of paper and drew the face and coloured it and cut it out. Then I added some doll hair to the head. I drew in the dress around all the letters and then drew the wings and arms and hands. I painted the dress and letters green and felt that the letters didn't show up enough so I painted the letters with gold metallic paint. Then I adhered the head onto the top of the dress. I painted the background yellow and added some swirls in red. I drew in a wand and a box of letters for the Alphabet Fairy to hold in her hands.
She sure is whimsical! *L*

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Annette said...

Love your letter fairy. Such a sweet face.