Friday, January 31, 2014

2014 Journal52 - Week 4 - Character Building

This page started out with a coat of gesso. Then I took a magazine image of a girl and lightly traced the shape and features. I took an oak leaf stamp and covered it with two colours of gelatos, spritzed it with a mist of water and stamped it several times on the background.  Then I painted with some acrylic paint and put a stencil over the wet paint and rubbed off the paint in the design of the stencil. This is called reduction stenciling.  Then I took another stencil and sponged some ink through it. After that I drew in the girl's face with a stabilo pencil, which is water soluble, and took a paint brush and painted in those black lines. Then I used watercolour paints to paint in the face and hair. I wrote the message in black marker.
This page was a lot of fun and is my entry for week 4 of Journal52.
I hope you're having fun too! :D

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