Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mixed Media Canvas - Friends in the House

Karen Ellis runs a store called The Art House Studio. It was located in Kitchener, ON but she has now moved it to a bigger space in Cambridge, ON. She asked a few of her customers to create a canvas with a house on it to help decorate her new studio. She gave each of us a 6"x12" canvas. This is the canvas that I created.
I made a photo house using photos from a Mixed Minded workshop that we went to with mixed media artist Donna Downey. I even put our pictures in the flower centers! The top photo is Donna and Karen. The second one down is me and Donna. The third down is Donna and my friend Linda. The bottom photo is Donna being kissed by Karen. All good fun!

 The canvas was first covered in tissue paper with matte gel medium and then painted and stamped and inked and anything else I could think of! *L* The background behind the houses was 3 shades of green patterned paper with inks and paints and stamps on it. I created the big house using corrugated cardboard and some paints and inks. I drew the smaller houses and the sun on light-weight cardstock and coloured them in with markers and cut them out and glued them to the canvas. I drew the tree trunks on cardstock and cut out the upper part of the trees with patterned paper and attached them to the canvas.

This side view shows the dimnension of the corrugated cardboard house.
Below are some detailed views. If you click on any of these pictures, you can see a bigger photo. Check out those happy faces in the flowers!!!  :D I also doodled with a fine line black marker all over the canvas to add interest.


This is my first canvas and I really had fun creating it.
I hope there's always sunshine and smiles in your house!