Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Stampscapes - Tropical Sunset

I stamped this card at the Savanna Stamping Retreat in 2011. I added most of the colour when I was there with dye inks and stipple brushes. I finished it at home with more colour to frame it and then stamped the palm leaves and grasses.
I just love that sun stamp that I used at the retreat and now I'm going to have to order it. :D
Have a great day and I wish you all beautiful sunsets.


Laura said...

Love your stampscapes artwork! Question: do you use a separate stipple brush for each color, or can you clean the brush and use it for a different color? Thanks for the inspiration! I am loving your blog!

Trish said...

Hi Laura, I use a different stipple brush for each different colour family. You can clean and use the brushes again but they need to be dry to lay the colour down properly so I just use a few different ones so I don't have to clean them or wait for them to dry. Thanks for your very kind words of encouragement. You made my day!!! :D