Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Art Journal - Celery Stamped Roses

What fun! Stamping with celery!

Celery Roses? Sure!
 I cut off the bottom 3 inches of a bunch of celery and applied paint to the cut end and stamped on a prepared background. After the images dried, I drew in some details with a black marker. I then added some stickles glitter to the flowers and drew and painted the stems and leaves.
I added the border details with paint, ink  and stamping and also doodling with a paint marker.

I have many beautiful stamps, but sometimes it's great fun to use things you have around the house for stamping and background textures. It makes you look around your world with a new creative eye.
So go with your food!  :D


Karen Ellis said...

Why, oh why, does this make me hungry? hehe *wink*

Great page!!

Annette said...

This is the best use of celery that I know of. Lovely.