Friday, September 16, 2011

Zentangle Inspired Art-Title Page, Bird and Flower

I drew this tangle to use as the front cover for the photo album I'm using to fill with Zentangle drawings. The album cover has an oval opening and you can see the word Zentangle through it when the album is closed. When you open the front cover, this is the first page of my album.

For this tangle, I traced the outline of the bird from a stencil and then I drew in the patterns and leaves and branch. I prefer doing the tangles in a picture rather than just the Zentangle square.

I drew this flower as a tangle starting at the center of the flower and growing out from there. It's fun to draw things that are just pure fantasy. :D

Zentangle is a calming exercise for everyone. You do not need any artistic talent. You just draw the patterns one stroke at a time. It was developed by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas.  Many of you have already done this type of drawing and just called it doodling which is basically what it is. Why don't you give it a try?
Have a great day and create something!

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Darlene S. said...

I love the design of your bird and flower! Lovely.